Around Edinburgh

edinburgh-web-6edinburgh-web-1edinburgh-web-2edinburgh-web-15edinburgh-web-8edinburgh-web-18edinburgh-web-20Standing in front of Gladstone’s Land where a Falconer would let you take a turn at holding his owl, Hazel.  edinburgh-web-12edinburgh-web-17In front of the castle..this was about the best photo we could get together loledinburgh-web-16edinburgh-web-14edinburgh-web-13edinburgh-web-11edinburgh-web-9At the Scotch Whiskey Experience and standing in front of the world’s largest independent Scotch collection…over 3,000 bottles!

edinburgh-web-10edinburgh-web-19edinburgh-web-7This was our second full day in Edinburgh and I feel like we were able to get much more of a feel of the city than yesterday.  Yesterday was mostly rainy, dreary and a little colder than I would like to just walk around and site see, so we spent most of the day taking 2 different site seeing bus tours, which although cliché they may be, I feel are a great way to get your bearings of a new city. I enjoyed the time to just sit back and relax (away from the cold and rain) see the major sites and get a little bit of history from the tour guide.

Today we took a tour of the Scotch Whiskey Experience, which gave you a fun little education tour of how scotch is made and broke down the different types of scotch into 5 different types, according to watch region of Scotland it was made.  The tour included a sample of a whiskey from the region of your choice, and at the end they boxed up your glass to keep.  Of course I was a little worried about having Brooks in a whiskey tasting room, with breakable glasses surrounding him, but surprisingly he did pretty well.  The staff there gave him his own little mini soda bottle, so he wouldn’t feel left out ☺️.  At one point the guide instructed us to lift our glasses to the light to see the clarity our whiskey sample, and I looked down to see Brooks looking through his Sunkist bottle as he held it in the air…he’s a smart little stinker. We also  visited Edinburgh castle, seeing the Scottish Crown Jewels and also the room where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to King James IV. Afterwards we went to the Grassmarket area, where we stopped into an authentic kilt shop…there’s several around the city, although most are more touristy and cheap than others.  If you’re looking to buy a nice quality full kilt outfit, it will set you back at least 1,000 pounds! We also stopped into a local cheese shop and then later another souvenir store where I broke down and bought Brooks a little kilt of his own.  I couldn’t resist!  I can’t wait to see what other photo ops I will have with his kilt during the trip.  I know he will absolutely kill me later for this lol! Off to bed now for an early morning.. heading into the Highlands tomorrow!

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