Loch an Eilein

edinburgh-web-2-2edinburgh-web-2-4edinburgh-web-2-5edinburgh-web-2-1edinburgh-web-2-3edinburgh-web-2-7edinburgh-web-2-12edinburgh-web-2-9edinburgh-web-2-8edinburgh-web-2-14edinburgh-web-2-13edinburgh-web-2-10edinburgh-web-2-15edinburgh-web-2-11edinburgh-web-2-19edinburgh-web-2-18edinburgh-web-2-16edinburgh-web-2-20edinburgh-web-2-22edinburgh-web-2-21edinburgh-web-2-23edinburgh-web-2-24For our first day in the Highlands, we took at trip to Loch an Eilein..our first loch to see! For a bit of history, Loch an Eilein comes from the Scottish Gaelic and means ‘Loch of the Island’.  In the middle of the loch stands the remains of a small 15th century castle that used to be connected to the shore by a causeway.  As you walk around the surrounding forest, theres seems to be somewhat of a  Little Red Riding Hood feel.  Although I was easily distracted by all the enchanting photo ops, keeping Brooks from falling into the water became top priority. I think he could have stood at the shore and tossed rocks and pebbles into the water all day.  I could just see his little mind  spinning from all the new scenery surrounding him and all the new territory he needed to explore. D was able to get some pretty cool drone shots over the castle, although they are not included in this post…those will come a bit later.

Afterwards we headed into the nearby village of Carrbridge, and saw it’s most famous landmark, the packhorse bridge. Built in 1717, it is the oldest stone bridge in the Highlands.  I kept thinking of how it would be such an amazing photo to get a pic of the family standing along the middle of it…but then again, I thought of the aftermath of it caving in as we crossed, so I quickly though “nah, a quick photo of the bridge itself will do.”  After that, we were ready to find a place to warm up, so we got back in the car and drove into Grantown-on-Spey where we randomly picked a local coffee shop.  We managed to snag a really quaint spot in the back next to a roaring wood burning stove.  Brooks kept insisting on “chocate cake” and once I saw they offered “babychinnos” on the menu, it sounded too cute to turn down.  I think the little cup of frothed milk decorated with cocoa and marsh mellows was more for me than Brooks, but he seemed to enjoy it pretty well too 😜




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