Plaid Pie

PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-27PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-14PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-16PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-8PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-3PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-15PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-41PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-13PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-25PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-43PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-19PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-29PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-32PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-33PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-34PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-31PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-45PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-50PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-44PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-47PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-36PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-63PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-61PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-56PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-55PlaidPieShootMarch2017_WEB-52What do you do when you have a dear friend that makes gorgeous custom-made childrens’ clothes and another that is a genius behind the camera!? …have them join forces of course! Last weekend I had an amazing time getting to collaborate with these two talented women (and all of our kiddos) for a beautiful outdoor photoshoot. The end results were all that I had envisioned and more 😍.  My handsome hubby and little boy were also featured modeling the new line of custom mens and boys ties/bowties that are now being offered. Dana Baswell, owner of the clothing line Plaid Pie, is a self taught seamstress that is known for her creative ways of mixing playful and whimsical prints with classic patterns to create a one of a kind piece for your little one. Not to mention the impeccable attention to detail rivals any high end children’s clothing line.  Most of the dresses pictured are patterns from Violette Field Threads  which showcase fine details such as tailored bodices, ruffled collars and tiered skirts.  Kim Hilliard, owner of Kim Hilliard Photography + Films, is a veteran professional photographer who has been published in Southern Bride, was a guest blogger for Journey to Artist  and next month will featured in The Long Way Home magazine.  Kim has also helped create and organize a photography retreat where she shared her skill and knowledge with other photographers.  I fell in love with Kim’s work the moment I first stumbled across a photoshoot of hers on Facebook, and now she has been taking my family’s photos for nearly 3 years.  I’m so happy to share these gorgeous photos and work alongside such hard working women. For more behind the scenes footage, check out this video…it may just take your breath away too!


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